2014 Polaris Industries 800 Switchback® Adventure


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Polaris Industries
800 Switchback® Adventure



Key Features
  • PRO-RIDE Chassis: The stretched version of the world’s most advanced snowmobile chassis, the 136" PRORIDE Chassis is light, rigid and perfectly balanced for precise handling – on- and off-trail. The progressive-rate rear suspension provides a bottomless ride and its uncoupled rail delivers outstanding weight transfer for a more fun and comfortable ride.
  • 136" PRO-RIDE™ Rear Suspension: The industry’s only uncoupled progressive-rate suspension eliminates “spine tinglers” on rough trails. Off-trail, this Polaris-exclusive 136" rail enhances the ride and the rider’s capabilities, and it bridges bumps for a more comfortable ride.
  • Race-Proven Front Suspension: In the PRO-RIDE IFS, the unbeatable combination of PRO-RIDE steering and the patented variable caster design eliminates bump steer. A rider enjoys lighter steering, sharper cornering and flatter, more precise cornering with 20% less steering effort.
  • Pro-Steer™ Skis: The innovative keel design and shortened skag of the Pro-Steer Skis reduces steering effort and enhances handling. Ribs atop the ski increase torsional stiffness, resulting in more precise steering, and bosses on the ribs provide traction when a rider steps on the ski in deep snow.
  • 800 Cleanfire® Engine: This liquid-cooled twin has semi-direct injection (SDI) and delivers outstanding throttle response and instant acceleration riders will appreciate both on- and off-trail. This powerful, efficient engine starts easily and reliably, calibrates automatically with changes in temperature and elevation, and delivers impressive fuel economy in real-world riding situations, such as Switchback riders’ aggressive, up-tempo riding.
  • PRO-RIDE Adventure Seat: This versatile seat design is ideal for Switchback riders who frequently change riding positions. The design and seat height accommodate the smoothest, easiest transitions between seated and standing riding, and the wider seat section provides greater comfort and support for seated riding.
  • Optional Security System: This accessory Security System, which a Polaris® dealer can install in conjunction with the Switchback models’ PRO-RIDE instrumentation, prevents unauthorized drive-away of an idling sled.
  • Integrated Tunnel Protection: Sled durability is enhanced by the integrated tunnel protection that lets a rider stud up to a 1.75" track.
  • Adventure Cargo System: At the rear of the sled is a strong, durable Aluminum Rack in which cargo can be secured. Plus, the sides of the rack feature mounting points for the Lock & Ride® Saddlebags, which can be attached to the sled (or removed) in seconds without any tools. The saddlebags lock securely onto the rack and have lids with secure latches. The saddlebags feature removable liners with zippered access and handles so the liners – loaded with cargo – can be conveniently carried to and from the sled.
  • New Lock & Ride® Convertible Passenger Seat Option: A Switchback Adventure rider will be able to share the ride with a passenger using the innovative, easy to install Lock & Ride Convertible Passenger Seat. This new accessory seat installs on the cargo rack quickly and easily without tools using Lock & Ride® technology. The seat accommodates a passenger of up to 120 pounds (54.4 kg) and has a seat cushion and armrests. A backrest is also available for the seat, as is a seat bag that can be used to hold additional cargo. Each accessory sold separately.
  • Electric Start: Electric start lets a rider get rolling with the turn of the key. This ensures quick, easy and reliable starting in all conditions.
  • Tall Windshield & Wind Deflectors: The tall, smoke windshield directs wind and snow up and around the rider while the side panel-mounted wind deflectors deflect wind and snow outward, away from the rider. The result is maximum comfort and protection.
  • Accessory Power Outlets: The Switchback Adventure has a pair of accessory power outlets ideal for a rider’s heated shield cord and also for devices such as GPS.
  • Hood-Mounted Mirrors: Wide-angle mirrors featuring non-fogging glass provide a rider with excellent awareness of who and what is around. They fold in so they can be used with covers.
  • Extreme Front Bumper: The lightweight aluminum front bumper provides extra protection and peace of mind for Switchback® Adventure riders as they explore off-trail.
Model Features
  • Polaris® Liberty® liquid-cooled 800 twin with Cleanfire® Injection
  • 136" PRO-RIDE™ Chassis
  • PRO-RIDE IFS with FOX® IFP (internal floating piston) Shox and 9"/22.9cm of travel
  • Pro-Steer™ Skis
  • PRO-RIDE Rear Suspension with FOX® IFP Shox front track shock and Walker Evans® Compression Adjustable rear track shock; 14"/35cm of travel
  • 15" x 136" x 1.35" Cobra track
  • Phantom Hydraulic Disc Brake with lightweight disc
  • 800 Switchback Adventure has P-85 drive clutch and TEAM® Lightweight driven clutch
  • PRO-RIDE Adventure Seat
  • The handlebar is mounted on a fixed 4.5" (115mm) riser and has integrated handlebar hooks and adjustable hand & thumb warmers
  • PERC® Reverse
  • Fuel capacity is 11 gal./41.6 liters
  • Digital MFD (multi-function display) with speedo, tach, fuel gauge, temp/low oil light
  • Tall windshield with wind deflectors
  • White body panels with Adventure graphics
  • Estimated Dry Weight (lb./kg): 520 / 236
  • Overall Length (in./cm): 115 / 292
  • Overall Width (in./cm): 48 / 122
  • Overall Height (in./cm): 50 / 127
  • Ski Center Distance (in./cm): 42.5 / 108
  • Fuel Capacity (gal./L): 11 / 41.6
Engine & Drivetrain
  • Engine Type/Cooling: Liberty / Liquid
  • Cylinders-Displacement (cc): 2 - 795
  • Bore x Stroke (mm): 85 x 70
  • Ignition: Digital CDI w/ TPS, WTS, DET
  • Exhaust: SC VES, Single
  • Fuel System: Cleanfire® Injection
  • Disc Brake Type: Phantom, Hydraulic w/ LWT Disc
  • Drive/Driven Clutch: P-85 / TEAM® LWT
  • Front Suspension: PRO-RIDE™
  • Front Travel (in./cm): 9 / 22.9
  • Front Shocks: FOX®, IFP
  • Ski Type: Pro-Steer™
  • Rear Suspension: PRO-RIDE™
  • Rear Travel (in./cm): 14 / 35
  • Front Track Shock: FOX®, IFP
  • Rear Track Shock: Walker Evans® Comp. Adj.
  • Track (W x L x H in.): 15 x 136 x 1.35 Cobra
Standard Features and Options
  • Steering: Fixed - 4.5" (115mm) Riser
  • Electric Start: Standard
  • Reverse: PERC®
  • Speedometer: Digital MFD
  • Tachometer: Digital MFD
  • Security System: Option / Accessory
  • Fuel Gauge Type: Digital MFD
  • Temp/Low Oil Light: Digital MFD
  • 12v Outlet: 2 Standard (AC & DC)
  • Handlebar Hooks: Standard Integrated Hooks
  • Hand & Thumb Warmers: Std. Adjustable
  • Mirrors: Standard
  • Seat Type: PRO-RIDE™ Adventure
  • Rear Rack / Tow Hitch: Standard Lock & Ride
  • Windshield: Tall
  • Color / Graphics: White / Adventure



Engine Type
795 cc
Bore x Stroke
85 x 70 mm
Engine Cooling
Cleanfire® Injection
Digital CDI w/ TPS, WTS, DET
SC VES, Single


Brake Type
Phantom, Hydraulic w/ LWT Disc
Drive Clutch
Driven Clutch


Front Suspension
Front Travel
9 in. (22.9 cm)
Rear Suspension
Rear Travel
14 in. (35 cm)
Ski Type
Ski Stance
42.5 in. (108 cm)
Track Type
Track Dimensions
15 x 136 x 1.35 in.


Digital MFD
Digital MFD
Fuel Capacity
11 gal. (41.6 L)
Dry Weight
520 lb. (236 kg)
White / Adventure


Electric Start
Hand & Thumb Warmers
Std. Adjustable